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Strategic Planning
Latin Nexus can help analyze your company’s portfolio so as to take fullest advantage of the opportunities offered by the local market.
New Product Planning
Latin Nexus can perform market analyses and assist you in developing marketing plans with specific launch timelines for execution.
Regulatory Support
Latin Nexus can provide guidance on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), product registration, and licenses and permits required by local Regulatory Authorities.
Legal Services
Latin Nexus has legal contacts in both the United States and Latin America which can offer specialized legal support and services for your operations.
New Legal Entities (NEWCO)
Latin Nexus can assist you in establishing a new legal entity if setting up direct, in-market operations is part of your commercial strategy.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Should you wish to acquire a local company as a shorter route to establishing a direct market presence, Latin Nexus can help identify M&A candidates that will serve as a platform for your direct entry into the local market.
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