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Our Mission
Our mission is to assist the many small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies focused primarily on the major global markets who possess neither the time, resources, or experience to navigate the highly complex Latin American landscape, and introduce their already successful product lines into what has now become one of the most dynamic and rapidly accelerating markets around the globe.
How we can help
Through our extensive network of business relationships developed over many years, Latin Nexus can help you get your products into any of the major Latin American markets. We can provide you assistance across a wide array of functional disciplines including: locating appropriate distribution channels, sales & marketing, regulatory & QA, legal services, medical affairs and even identification of (M&A) acquisition candidates.
Our Advantages
Latin Nexus can put at your fingertips its extensive network of well-established and highly reputable distributors, business associates and partners in the many Latin American markets in both pharmaceuticals and diagnostics marketing. Having established both new businesses and introduced new product lines throughout the region, the Latin Nexus team is well positioned to help you achieve the market penetration your products deserve in Latin America.
Markets we serve
Central America
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
About Latin Nexus
What gives Latin Nexus an edge? First, the "depth and breadth of our industry experience”. Latin Nexus brings together executives from across the globe with more than 100 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic  industries.

Second, “global reach”. The Latin Nexus team is strategically based in the major global markets: from Miami the gateway to Latin America, to Brazil, today the Western Hemisphere´s most explosive market, to Europe, India and China, the Latin Nexus team covers the world over to identify outstanding opportunities for the Latin American healthcare sector.

And third, “trust”. Doing business globally – where enforcement of legal agreements can only be relied upon as a last resort – depends in large part upon ¨”trust”. The Latin Nexus team’s long-lasting relationships facilitate “trust”, and doing business on a global scale.

See how Latin Nexus can help you…
Latin Nexus has offices in Miami (USA), the gateway to Latin America, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil through its sister company, Nexus Brazil, S.A. For more information, please click:
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Latin Nexus tem escritórios em Miami (EUA), a porta de entrada para a América Latina e também no Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). Para mais informações, pressione:Contact us
Latin Nexus tiene oficinas en Miami (EEUU) la puerta de América Latina así como en Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). Para mayores detalles, favor oprimir: Contact us
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